Professional Reviews


“One of the most amazing, compelling, and magical books I've read." 

    ~ Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune


"If you love Chicago, this is a great read - you just might find yourself in a couple of these chapters."  

    ~ Spike O'Dell, WGN Radio


“This is a book for intelligent adult readers who love a playful escape into teenage fantasies of fleeting first kisses, exceptional Ferris wheels, extraordinary cocktails, and a castle that has the sky's stars for a ceiling.”

     ~  Publishers Weekly, read the full review here


“Filled with clever rhymes and plays on words, the prose itself is pure fun. Witty, humorous, and at times profound, the tone is true to its fairytale style. And like all good fairytales, it teaches a lesson—one that older readers are sure to benefit from.”

     ~  Indie Reader, read full review here


There are just enough obscenities uttered to ensure this book is never shelved in the children’s or even young adult section. The story, though, is anything but vulgar, a sweet and uplifting tale as heartwarming as the ones it’s poking fun at.”

    ~ Kirkus Reviewsread full review here


Twists on Chicago history and fantastical insights into uniquely Chicago phenomenon, such as the reason Malort tastes so bad, make for an entrancingly magical journey that's half Midwestern Miyazaki, half Mad Men, and all Windy City.”

    ~ Windy City Reviews, read the full review here


“The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan is an imaginative, modern-day adventure-fantasy for readers of all ages. Offering a view askew of the mundane and the magical, The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan is a lighthearted joy to read, highly recommended!” 

    ~ Midwest Book Review, read full review here


“A novel that quite ingeniously incorporates all manner of actual local landmarks and legends then blows them up to the level of high fantasy. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this short, fast-reading novel soon” 

    ~ Chicago Center for Literature and Photography (CCLaP), read the full review here


“Lovely imagery and interesting notions.  It's a pastiche of Chicago characters and history, painted with a folkloric brush." 

    ~  Third Coast Review, read the full review here


“Original, whimsical frolic through an alternate Chicago - past and present." 

    ~ Underground Book Reviews, read full review here


"A touching and thought-provoking ride through nostalgia, memory and the promises of youth. Wiley’s sharp, tongue-in-cheek style of writing makes the pages fly and the Chicago skyline makes a stunning backdrop for this mystical romp. From minotaurs and sinister wind to cat conductors and drunken elves, this story is a wacky roller-coaster, overflowing with clever, chuckle-inducing passages and quips. If you are looking for a bit of ridiculous fun that still manages to pose a few important questions about growing old without growing up, this story is ideal. There is an adventurous and unpredictable tone to every chapter, making it very difficult to put down."

    ~ SPR Reviews, read full review here